Are you looking for something truly special to add to your existing business service offerings?

Frustrated with not being able to get to the bottom of why your clients get stuck, frustrated and just don't seem to be able to move forward?

Love working with people and helping them to discover more about themselves and how to live with more ease, purpose and confidence?

Keen to understand how to access the best of yourself so you too can lead your business with more ease, purpose and confidence?

Ready to unlock your effortless success zone so you can totally thrive?

If you answered yes to any of the above then becoming a Thrive Factor Wise Guide, proficient in the use of the Thrive Factor Personal Leadership Framework could be exactly what you are looking for. The training program launched with its first class in June 2019 and is living up to its promise to be a genuine asset you can add to your existing business.

Enrollment will be by invitation only following an application interview with founder and creator of the Thrive Factor Framework, Shannon Dunn. Places will be limited to ensure you receive the best possible level of support, provided for you personally by Shannon. Having profiled more than 500 women, a majority of them business owners, Shannon has learned a thing or two (or a few hundred) about profiling and delivering profile results that she will personally pass onto you during your training.

Entering into the program is a commitment and will require time, effort and energy on your part. Content will be delivered in a variety of ways including self study and live masterclass and question and answer calls. All classes and modules will be delivered on line, meaning as long as you have internet access you can participate from anywhere in the world.

The final modules include an assessment which sees you submitting a series of recorded profiling sessions and summaries to assess your knowledge and proficiency of the content you have learned. Once you have demonstrated proficiency in line with the assessment criteria you will become a graduate of the program and free to begin profiling your new and existing clients as a Thrive Factor Wise Guide. As a bonus Shannon will be leading additional modules teaching you how to integrate and market your new expertise to maximise your potential for success as a Thrive Factor Profiler.

Upon successful graduation you will be required to join an ongoing Thrive Factor Graduate Circle providing professional development, access to graduate pricing on all resources and genuine support to guide your future as a Thrive Factor Wise Guide. Fees associated with this will cover your license to continue using the content you have been trained to deliver.

Opportunities will exist for some graduates to become mentors to future students.

More detailed information and fee information will be shared in the Thrive Factor School Program Prospectus available now. Complete the form below to get instant access to the Prospectus and link to book your application interview.

Payment plans will be available for your foundational training program.

What's possible when you complete this training?
>> new insights into yourself as a business woman that can transform your offerings and your magnetism because as you learn the art of profiling using this framework you'll be taking a deep dive into your own self and embodying the best of your unique Thrive Factor profile

>> access to a grounded, proven framework that will provide you and your clients with a detailed understanding of how you "tick" in regards to your expression and relationship with mindset, marketing, money and magnetism - the Thrive Factor Profiling framework was created in 2010 and is founded on archetypal psychology principles, emersed with a decade of practical experience and application

>> an opportunity to add an additional income stream to your existing services, this is ideal for someone working with women on a one to one or group environment

>> a quality learning experience that will be personalised, interactive, thorough and professional in recognition of the importance of the content and its permission giving gifts, plus your commitment to your learning and personal and professional development

>> access to resources designed to support your work and assist you with client attraction once you've completed the training

>> bonus training modules to demonstrate how to weave this into your existing business

>> the chance to become one of the first 25 members of the graduate group and therefore amongst the first women to potentially be invited to become future mentors and assist founder Shannon in the delivery of the Thrive Factor School programs (as Shannon says "I've got big visions thanks to my #VisionaryCreator archetype to take this far and wide and I want to do it with company because I believe profoundly in the principle of #collectivethriving") and other programs Shannon launches and delivers that incorporate the Thrive Factor framework

>> inclusion in a community of other women who want to give more to their ideal clients and know that self-understanding is one of the most powerful personal gifts anyone can experience

Here's what Thrive Factor School Graduates Kim and Jenny have to share about their experience

With a diverse background across many industries what Kim Herman does best is to support others to be their best selves. Considering she is an #InspirerBeliever this was no surprise to Shannon when she invited Kim to become a member of the inaugural student group

Kim has embraced all things Thrive Factor and here's what she had to say about learning the art of #ThriveFactorProfiling

"I have spent many years on my own personal development and experienced a few different types of personality profiling. Although all taught me something about myself it was having my Thrive Factor Profiling done when I finally felt like I understood who I was.
Getting to know those Archetypes has been so empowering and it's been so wonderful as I have learnt to embrace and own the strengths of each of them and learn about the potential challenges too. I have been able to understand my behaviours and what I need to do to feel in flow with life.
In my business, I guide women to overcome emotional overwhelm and to live their life with confidence - so when the opportunity to learn Thrive Factor Profiling to help other women came along, it was a no brainer for me to jump in.
The standard of training has been excellent and it has been fascinating learning more about the Archetypes in detail.
I am super excited to be in the first group of ladies to help take this amazing work out to the world.
If you work in the industry of wanting to help bring the best out in other women then I highly recommend doing this training"

Kim Herman
Intuitive Guide, Female head-talk and mindset transformation specialist.


They say it's pioneering women who jump into things first and in this case it's one of our favourite sassy #PioneerSeekers, Jenny Cole, who took the leap of faith and became one of the inaugural group of students in #ThriveFactorSchool

As a wise #MentorTeacher Jenny has embraced the learning and brings keen insights to people development through her many years teaching and coaching leaders in many industries, with a focus on the education industry

Here is what Jenny had to say about her Thrive Factor School experience

"I enrolled in Thrive Factor School because I was hugely curious about the 12 Archetypes that Shannon had created and I wondered how this would serve my community.
As a coach and consultant, profiling tools are my bread and butter. I am accredited to practice a number of internationally recognised tools and have been using them for many years to help my clients to understand themselves and those around them. In particular, I employ the concepts and the language of Everything DiSC in almost every workshop and coaching conversation I undertake.
To be truthful, I was skeptical that the Thrive Factor Archetypes would be as suitable, as useful or as appealing to my clients.
How wrong I was!
The Archetypes are skillfully thought out and simply described. They have depth and complexity but more importantly, they have truth.
My understanding of the Archetypes allowed me to see my colleagues, clients and friends in a completely new way. Those who I always had difficulty assigning a DiSC style to, all of a sudden could be seen in all their complex glory through the lens of The Thrive Factor Archetypes.
My aim is to use the Archetypes with my clients, particularly those in executive positions to help them better understand their authentic self so that they can live, work and lead with authenticity"

Jenny Cole, Executive Coach for Wildly Wonderful Women


Fancy experiencing the same level of excitement and Creative Possibility that Kim and Jenny and the other Thrive Factor School graduates have shared?

Scroll down to register your interest and receive instant access to the current Program Prospectus which includes all the details you need and the link to book your application interview.

Interviews for the October 2020 intake of the Certification Program open August 2020 and places are limited to 12 students only.

If you receive an invitation to join the program after your interview you may even end up being mentored by Kim or Jenny to add a different level of support to your Thrive Factor School experience. You will also receive plenty of group mentoring personally from Shannon!

Hey there future thriving one!

I'm Shannon Dunn (yep, used to be Bush but now back to my birth name!), author of The Thrive Factor and founder of the Thrive Factor Personal Leadership Framework and archetypes.

When I first began defining the 12 archetypes in 2010 and 2011 I always dreamed of training women in business to deliver profiling experiences for other women.

It has taken me many years and a whole new book but I am delighted to announce that the Thrive Factor School and Thrive Factor Profiling Training is now a "thing".

We began our first module in June 2019 with an initial 6 month training course and I am delighted to be welcoming a new group of students in January 2020 - hopefully one of them will be you!

Covering all aspects of the framework and 12 archetypes, plus how to integrate your new expertise into your business and market it to attract the right clients for you, the foundational course promises to deliver a unique and transformational experience.

If what you read sparks your interest then I look forward to sending you more information soon and hopefully talking to you during an application interview so we can get you all signed up to start with our next intake.

I can't wait to meet you, dive into the training and see you graduate as a Thrive Factor Wise Guide!


Founded on a set of core principles, this training promises to be of the highest quality to genuinely provide you with a new service to add to your existing business offerings.
Thrive Factor School Core Principles

Learning is the cornerstone of the Thrive Factor School. Without it you won't have what you need to become an expert Wise Guide, able to profile women using the Thrive Factor Archetypal profiling framework. Your learning experience will include a variety of methodologies to maximise engagement and your ultimate success. A portion of the course will be self study in preparation for the ongoing modules delivered over 6 months.

If you work with women in business you'll have the opportunity to extend your program with an additional 3 months of training to prepare you to work specifically with women entrepreneurs, small business owners and even corporate women.

Transformation is a true possibility for you and your clients when you undertake this training. Individuals profiled have consistently reported positive changes in their lives and businesses. The same will happen for you as you dive into the content and get to know yourself by means of your own Thrive Factor archetypes.

With these insights you'll be well equipped to demonstrate first hand to prospective clients just how knowing your Thrive Factor can impact your world for the better.
Vision comes with learning and application. As you layer knowledge with each new class and module you will come to a place of personal clarity and vision.

This provides you with a variety of paths and opportunities to weave all you are learning into your existing work, or add new products and services as a compliment to what's already working for you and your business.
Wisdom is an expectation of every student. If you're not sure how wise you are then you'll come to meet your wise self head on and learn to connect with and embrace your wisdom and to trust it.

Wisdom will feature high in the realm of your profiling experience so learning how to tap into it and actively use it is key.
Growth will happen on many levels. You will find yourself challenged and changing over the course of your training. This is a good thing and shows signs of personal and professional development that will support your future success when profiling clients.

You will be supported at every stage of your training to ensure you get the most out of the experience. Demonstrating the growth you have achieved will be pivotal to your future graduation from the program.
Connection signifies the fact you will become part of a recognised community, expertly trained to deliver the content you are learning and applying during profiling experiences and other processes with future clients.

Within our community you will find support, encouragement, plenty of cheering and abundant opportunities to grow yourself and your business.

A transformational opportunity for any woman in business, becoming a Thrive Factor Profiler will bring you, your business and your clients more than you can imagine.

Who is this training ideal for?

  • You're an amazing woman with a big heart and a big thirst for delivering exceptional experiences to your growing female population of clients. You care about people and thrive seeing them learn, explore, challenge themselves and reap the benefits available to them when you work together

  • You work with your inspiring clients in a one to one or group capacity and you want to reach out into the world more, delivering your unique offerings to a wider community

  • You are a qualified coach, mentor, educator, therapist, healer or consultant who values training and has a determination to add to your skill set and a willingness to extend your personal and professional development on an ongoing basis

  • You understand how powerful personal self-understanding is for others and find yourself the person others reach out to for advice, wisdom and guidance and with all you share you know you are a conduit for transformation that is genuine and powerful

  • In your existing business you have well defined services, programs and products and you embrace your value and worth, and at the same time want to be able to offer something truly empowering and evolutionary as an adjunct to supplement and compliment your existing offerings

  • You acknowledge that your investment of time, money, emotion and commitment will open you to new ways to work with your current and future clients and equally understand that while every effort will be made to ensure you have the experience and resources to maximise your potential for success, the program does not, at this stage provide a formal qualification and does not guarantee additional clients or income. It will, upon successful graduation from the program, provide you with a license to continue using the content you have been trained in, if you wish to pursue this path

  • You have a sense it is time to welcome something new into your business and you have the time and energy to fully immerse yourself into a learning environment so as to experience the potential rewards available to you in the near and distant future

  • As a spirited, intuitive woman you know you are here to be a part of something that will change the women relate to themselves, each other and the world and you're ready to add a complimentary service to your existing expertise

Complete the form below to register for more information. The prospectus and details about booking your application interview for the October 2020 intake are available now. Complete the form below to get instant access to the prospectus.

The application interview window for the next intake of the Program will open in August 2020 and you will be emailed information as soon as the window opens and application interviews can be booked.

The Thrive Factor School intake modules and classes for the next Certification program start early October 2020.

The application process will be as follows

>> book an interview by completing an online submission
>> participate in the interview with Shannon during the application window

>> on confirmation of your acceptance into you'll receive an official invitation to join the program
>> at this point you are required to pay your tuition deposit and agree to the Wise Guide student agreement - payment plans will be available for your ongoing tuition which is paid in monthly installments 
>> get ready to commence classes mid October 2020 - class times will be confirmed once the location of students is known
>> get excited about everything that will unfold in the coming months!

I'm ready to know more

Please send me a copy of the prospectus!

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